Buffalo Tuna Fritters

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Healthy Tuna PattiesAre you like me and always have a can of tuna in the back of your pantry collecting dust? Today, we’re dusting it off to create something absolutely amazing. This super simple recipe for HEALTHY BUFFALO TUNA PATTIES takes just a few simple steps. It also includes ingredients you probably already have in your fridge!

They’re super healthy, gluten free, dairy free, Paleo, AND Whole30 approved. Just keep an eye out for sugar and unapproved ingredients in the pickles and buffalo sauce you use, if you’re trying to keep it Whole30. If you are, I used Trader Joe’s Cornichons and The New Primal medium buffalo sauce for the packaged items, and that made them compliant!

Check out these amazing step-by-step photos of what everything should look like as you’re preparing your tuna patties. Love these!

Healthy Tuna Patties Healthy Tuna Patties Healthy Tuna Patties Healthy Tuna Patties Healthy Tuna Patties Healthy Tuna Patties

I’m so excited for you guys to taste these. I gobbled down 3 of them right after they finished cooking and almost had to put down the fourth. Jeff wanted a taste too, so I couldn’t leave him hanging lol. The perfect weeknight dinner, if you ask me!

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