5 Ingredient Fresh Mango Salsa

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Fresh Mango SalsaAsk yourself this question… what is better than chips and salsa – HEALTHY STYLE?! There’s nothing better than snacking on fresh, tangy salsa with your favorite chips poolside or hanging with your friends on the weekend. And I have the perfect recipe for you with my 5 Ingredient Fresh Mango Salsa!

Mangos are one of my favorite fruits. They’re juicy, sweet, and can be eaten alone as a healthy snack, served alongside grilled chicken, or tossed in a salsa. It’s so versatile! One of my favorite ways to enjoy mango is definitely in a salsa.

My dad made a mango salsa a few years ago that absolutely got me hooked. He pureed it together with cilantro, lime juice, jalapeos, and tomatillos. It was TO DIE FOR. I can remember sitting at the countertop and nearly eating an entire bowl all to myself. Not mad one bit.

Mangos are best when they’re in season, which is mid-March to mid-July. When I was at Trader Joe’s this week, the mangos were arranged in a beautiful pyramid right when you walk in, and I had to have some. I knew instantly a salsa was in my future. This recipe is super easy to throw together and is great with just about anything. I ate mine this morning on top of my fried eggs AND on the side with some veggie chips. The bomb, y’all.

Fruity salsa is also so delicious alongside something extra salty, like grilled chicken or pork. I would definitely top my summer meat or fish dishes with this 5 Ingredient Fresh Mango Salsa, as well. You can get creative with it!

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