Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon Bowls

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As simple and yummy as it gets! The flavor is in the details. Here’s what I used:

@kettleandfire beef bone broth – I ALWAYS have this on hand in my house. It adds flavor, protein, and depth to any dish and is great for many things besides this rice as well.
@primalkitchenfoods teriyaki sauce – clean ingredients and really flavorful. Need I say more?
@chosenfoods avocado oil spray – ditch the canola oil sprays PLZ, and switch to avocado oil. Helps your food to come out much more crispy!

Everything can be found at @heb here in TX, or you can stock up on your @kettleandfire bone broth through the link below:
& use code PUMPANDCRUNCH at checkout for 20% off!

Happy healthy cooking, SQRLS!