Health-ified Spicy Chicken Sandwich

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YES, YOU CAN have your favorite guilty pleasures without any harmful ingredients!

I’ve always pride myself in the desire and love to eat healthy food, but in today’s world – it’s not just about eating fruits and veggies. It’s about the INGREDIENTS that are in your food (in my opinion).

About 2ish years ago, Mark and I decided to convert as much as our household consumables as we can info nontoxic, clean brands with great ingredients. We’re doing this for our long term health.

I am also on a mission to show the world that healthy eating is not boring. It’s exciting, and just as tasty (& EASY) as your favorite restaurant.

Today I’m showing you guys how to make an absolutely divine spicy chicken sandwich straight from home. It’s a 10/10 y’all !

Here’s how to make it…