Loaded Chicken and Veggie Soup

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Feel Good Chicken and Superfood SoupCold weather brings warm cravings! This week in Houston, the temperature DROPPED down in the 30’s. Pretty sure it’s the first time this winter that we’ve had 30 degree weather. I’m not going to lie, I’m secretly loving it – although 95% of Houstonians are bitter (get it?). Because we’re feeling the BRRRRRR, I decided to whip up a pot of this FEEL GOOD CHICKEN AND SUPERFOOD SOUP, that is absolutely life changing. My favorite soup I’ve ever cooked yet.

I made it once, polished off the pot, so I went back to the store the next day to make it again! I made a couple changes the second time around and prepared this soup to absolute PERFECTION for you guys. I just can’t wait for you to try it.

You’re probably wondering why I call it a SUPERFOOD soup, right?! Well, it includes all the most nutritient dense, flavor packed, seasonings and spices that create a unforgettable flavor and will also aid your immune system in preventing the “cold-weather bug” that creeps around when the temperature outside drops.

Here’s a few of the dry ingredients I used today:

Feel Good Chicken and Superfood Soup

I also used fresh ginger paste, minced garlic, bone broth, sea salt, and black pepper to complete this phenomenal list of ingredients. It’s so warm-tasting. Not only the temperature of the soup, but the flavor. It’s comfort food taken to the next level. You can also “fancy” this soup up and add some pasta at the very end!

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Feel Good Chicken and Superfood Soup


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