Grandma’s Spaghetti Gravy

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THE BEST Spaghetti Sauce EVER

Alright guys, I need a drumroll please… This is so exciting. I am so stoked to give you… a recipe handed down from 3 generations of Italians. A red sauce (or gravy, as we call it) that is easy as hell, healthy, and tastes better than any you’ve ever had. I give you……. THE BEST SPAGHETTI SAUCE EVER. And nope, I’m not exaggerating. It really is THE BEST. Oh and some bomb af chicken meatballs to go with it!

For just about every family gathering on my mom’s side, we eat spaghetti and meatballs. I remember as a kid visiting my great grandmother’s house and eating the most delicious spaghetti, MASSIVE meatballs, and red gravy every. single. time. It was the sweetest tradition! I come from a long line of Italians (not mad about it), and I must say, they make some damn good red gravy.

The recipe I’m sharing with you guys today is a CLASSIC. It’s the same gravy my Italian great grandmother, grandma, and mom made and still makes today! It’s salty, tangy, and even has a tough of sweetness. I haven’t made it in SO LONG, but I’m soooooo excited to bring it back today. It’s honestly so good that I could eat it like a soup. I LOVE spaghetti sauce, y’all. Definitely top 5 favorite foods.

THE BEST Spaghetti Sauce EVER

Today I paired my gravy with some Banza pasta (gluten free chickpea pasta) and homemade chicken meatballs. Save this recipe, y’all. Make it this weekend for the most unforgettable comfort food meal while you’re curled up on the couch watching the latest HBOGO released movie. If you have leftovers, freeze ’em to defrost later for a gravy (sauce lol) that tastes just the same as fresh!

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THE BEST Spaghetti Sauce EVER

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