Savory Protein Pancakes

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Savory Protein Pancakes

I’m the type of person that will order pancakes at a restaurant and HAVE to have breakfast sausage as my side dish to dip in the syrup/honey. I love a little salty with my sweet. Anyone else?! Since I figure I’m not the only one, I created these SAVORY PROTEIN PANCAKES to satisfy the sweet/salty craving at the sametime!

Whaaaaattttttttttt??? Yep, you read that right. Breakfast sausage IN the pancake batter. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And by ridiculous, I mean delicious at heck. The sausage brings out just the perfect amount of saltiness to the sweetness of the pancakes. Ground chicken sausage is the protein star, seasoned with a bit of nutmeg and thyme, but regular breakfast sausage would take this to the next level.

I didn’t make my own special pancake batter today (never have actually lol). Instead, I used one of my all time favorite brands – KODIAK CAKES. I’ve been hooked on their Buttermilk Power Cakes for 2 years now! They give me the energy I need to get from one fitness class to the next, without feeling unsatisfied and hungry. I absolutely love these. Today, mine are topped with organic almond butter, raw, organic honey, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. YUM! And did I mention that Kodiak Cakes are made with non-GMO ingredients and 100% whole grains? (Side note: You can now find it in bulk at Costco… just tossing that info out at ya, too).

Along with the Kodiak Cakes batter, I also added a few special ingredients to make these cakes even more nutrient dense. Chia seeds and ground flax are a flavorless edition to the recipe that adds an extra punch of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, and protein. They are optional, but why not have the extra benefit?

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