I absolutely love putting together different foods to create magic. Cooking is a creative art, and science even, that should make you happy and proud all at the same time! Especially when you sit down and eat what you've created.

I'm a certified personal trainer and self-made at-home chef that is always rolling out new recipes, workouts, and more to help you on your health journey. My philosophy is that eating, exercising, and living healthy is easy, quick, enjoyable, and inexpensive; and not challenging, time consuming, or pricey. My goal is to be your umbrella of every tool needed to enjoy and maintain a healthy life you're proud of. 

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my Childhood dream was to be a food network star!

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana

If I could be any animal in the world, it would be a squirrel (duh)

So, why Pump & Crunch?

In the past few years of my life, I’ve really cleaned up my diet. Why? Because I started to notice my body changing. I began struggling with severe bloating, mood swings, and lack of energy when exerting myself. I started to practice intuitive eating and it’s been a game changer. Our bodies are so incredibly powerful and will let us know how it’s feeling, if we listen to it. Watching what I eat, avoiding the ingestion of harmful ingredients, and consuming clean, wholesome ingredients has changed my relationship with food and how I view food for the better.

I’ve taken my love of eating healthy and exercise and transferred it to my creative space that I call Pump&Crunch. (“Pump” for fitness and “Crunch” for food… cute, huh?) On my site, you’ll find healthy, easily accessible, and affordable recipes that are “healthified” versions of your favorite comfort food meals. You’ll also find fitness tid bits, workouts, and positive tips on ways to adapt or maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This is a safe space, a place where anyone and everyone is welcome, wherever you are on your journey; and I am here to help you! I’m so so happy you’re visiting, and hope you stay a while.


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