My Work-From-Home Set-Up


As many of you know, I recently elevated my work-from-home set-up, and I am LOVING it! Ever since embracing the combination of a walking pad and a stand-up desk, my mental health and physical health during my WFH day’s have increased. You can shop my work-from-home set up at the bottom of this post.


1. Walk Your Way to Wellness:

Sitting for prolonged periods can take a toll on your health, leading to a sedentary lifestyle and potential health risks. A Walking Pad allows you to walk while you work! This subtle movement keeps your body active and your blood flowing, combating the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Engaging in low-impact walking during your workday not only burns calories but also boosts your energy levels and enhances overall productivity. You can see the walking pad I use at the bottom of this post!


2. Enhance Focus and Creativity:

Studies have shown that physical activity can significantly impact cognitive function, memory retention, and creativity. By incorporating a Walking Pad into your work-from-home setup, you stimulate your brain and keep it alert, leading to enhanced focus and problem-solving skills. The rhythmic movement of walking can also serve as a meditative practice, reducing stress and promoting a calmer and more creative state of mind.


3. Say Goodbye to Sedentary Risks:

Sedentary behavior has been linked to a variety of health risks, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. By combining a Walking Pad and a Stand-Up Desk, you actively combat these risks by incorporating movement into your work routine. Regularly walking and standing increase your metabolic rate and improve blood circulation, positively impacting your overall health and well-being.


4. Boost Energy Levels:

Feeling sluggish during the workday? The Walking Pad and Stand-Up Desk combo can give you a much-needed energy boost! Physical activity releases endorphins, which are natural mood lifters, leaving you feeling more invigorated and ready to tackle your tasks with renewed enthusiasm.