Hydrating Protein Iced Coffee


Everything you need to make the most PERFECT hydrating, protein iced coffee ☕️



All the things. Here is how I made it:

1/3 cup @organicvalley grass fed organic milk
Pinch of organic cinnamon
Pinch of @drinklmnt chocolate salt electrolytes
1/2 scoop @ritual essential protein powder – the BEST
Whisk with a handheld frother until creamy and foamy.
Fill a cup with ice and pour in one @lovesuja coffee energy shot.
Top it off with the foamy protein milk, stir, and enjoy.
The flavor combo here can’t be beat and it’s made with SO many great products, ingredients, and is a superfood drink.

Organic plant-based protein, hydrating electrolytes, L-Theanine, adaptogenic lions mane and reishi. Can’t be beat.

Hope you try it!