Affordable Kitchen Aesthetic



(If you can’t already tell) My lifestyle vibe is boho/hippie/modern-ish and I love it. I pride myself in all my little home collectibles. My kitchen lately has become an area that I want to make “aesthetically pleasing”, without breaking the bank, of course. Big fan of affordable amazon finds!

We currently live in an apartment with like 4 cabinets, and I tell Mark all the time “as soon as we have a house, get ready for the amazon packages”. I have SO many things I’m so excited to add to my cart and create the most beautiful kitchen of my dreams.

Top of my list is GLASSWARE! I definitely want this set, in all 3 sizes. My personal chef client has them and they’re so thin, dainty, and beautiful. Great to keep in a glass cabinet, if you have one. That’s how they had it! I also love these to-go glass tumblers for my green juice in the morning & these cute can-shaped ones, too.

I did recently switch over all of my plastic bowls, Tupperware, and cups over to glass, and here is the set I currently have. I got both the round and rectangle! Storage containers in general aren’t the cheapest (annoyingly), but these glass ones are super good quality and I plan to have them for a long time.

The list goes on… but you can check out my entire shopping cart here.