Kitchen tools i can’t live without


As time passes, this list will always remain the same. Below I’ve shared my go-to kitchen tools with links that make my list easier on a daily basis while cooking. Simple is better!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that speed in the kitchen is my forté! I’m all about a quick and efficient meal as my schedule is always crazy (I know many of you feel the same!), and the tools below make sure I’m in and out with a healthy meal on my plate in just a few minutes.




AIR FRYER – An air fryer is basically a super fast oven. I love mine! It’s great for quick cooking, minimal cleanup, and super delicious food. You can make just about anything in it! Boil eggs, roast veggies, cook chicken/steaks/burgers, etc. I have a guide on my website that I 10/10 recommend for newbie air fryer users. You can get the air fryer I use here, but any air fryer works just great!


MEAT MASHER – This is a tool I literally can’t live without. I use it obviously for ground meat, but I shred chicken with it, mash avocados and canned tuna with it, and mix things with it. It’s the best! Get yours here!


SHARP KNIVES – My life was changed with a friend gifted me a set of these knives for my birthday this year. If you choose one thing off this list to invest in, let it be these knives. INCREDIBLE. Also a fantastic Christmas gift! I’ll be gifting this set to several of my peeps this year.


CHOPPING BOARD – I love a large chopping board because I can have multiple things working at once. It also allows me to spread out my chopping and work on my knife skills. A good chopping board is key to efficient cooking!


GLASS CONTAINERS – I recently made the switch from plastic to glass in my house and while it’s totally not a necessity, I just love the aesthetic. I linked a 24-piece set from Amazon here that looks super nice.


A GOOD PAN – The link below isn’t the exact pan I have, but it was my second choice when I was shopping for pans (and is actually a higher-rated and better-quality pan than I have). A really good quality, non-toxic, non-stick pan will make your life so much easier in the kitchen. Trust me. This one is great and you can choose the color too. I gifted a yellow one to my mom for her birthday this year and she LOVES it. 



These are a MUST if you’re looking for a bit more inspiration in the kitchen and are ready to expand ya skillzzzz!

Love y’all!

xo Cail