Trader Joe’s Healthy Shopping Guide


Trader Joes Healthy Shopping GuideIT’S FINALLY HERE!! My Trader Joe’s Healthy Shopping Guide! In my opinion, the mostepic post I’ve published on my website. Trader Joe’s Grocery Store is and will stay my current obsession. If you follow me on Instagram @pumpandcrunch, you know I pretty much live there. If you don’t, go follow me for all the adventures!

Even before moving to Houston when I was just visiting often, I’d haveto make a grocery haul to bring some goodies back with me to Louisiana. You’re probably wondering… “Why in the heck is this girl so obsessed with a dang grocery store?” Well, my friends, it’s no ordinary grocery store. From one foodie to the next, after you read this TRADER JOE’S HEALTHY SHOPPING GUIDE you’ll understand!

Let’s first start with what everyone wants to know… “Is it really that much cheaper than regular groceries?” My answer(s): ABSOLUTELY. YES.

There is adrastic difference in the prices at Trader Joe’s in comparison to Whole Foods, Target, HEB, CentralMarket,etc. Now, the portions that you purchase (for example: in produce, a bag of spinach) is a touch smallerthan at another store. But in my experience, I actually waste less food when buying smaller portions, because I end up finishing it all. Which in turn, = SAVING $$$. Who doesn’t love that?

Trader Joe's Healthy Shopping GuideLet’s talkVIBES. If you’ve ever stepped into a Trader Joe’s Grocery store, you instantly feel welcome and at home. The buildings are small, warm and fuzzy, bright and colorful, the people are insanelykind and actually want to have a genuine conversation with you at check out, there’s fun art and quotes on the walls that you can relate to and recognize from movies, everything has a hand written sign with what you’re buying/their price, and they have the best prices in town! It’s just amazing. I don’t think I can ever say it enough!

Lastly, Trader Joe’s has the most amazing selection ofrandom items. Yes, you heard that right. From Organic Avocado Hummus, to Wasabi Mayo, to Cranberry Orange Tea Scones, down to their insanely cheap alcohol selections – I have the most fun searching for new,random food finds to taste each time I visit! Last week, I found some canned vine leaves stuffed with rice (grape leaves), and they were phenomenal. I also discovered some organic fiesta cashew vegan queso dip that is out of this world!

Trader Joe's Healthy Shopping GuideTrader Joe’s puts out a monthlyFearless Flyer with all the newest, most popular, and seasonal items in the store. You can find the Fearless Flyer in stores at check out or on the Trader Joe’s website!

Basically, this store is a WINNER. From healthy options, to deliciously fresh produce, to treats to keep in your secret snack drawer, they’ve got you covered. Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… (drumroll please).My Trader Joe’s Healthy Shopping Guide!

I’ve tasted, tested, and approved every item in these lists, and they’re all amazing. I pretty much am stocked up on every item at my house at all times – as it’s my sole fuel of existence lol. I am so excited to share this with you guys! Now…




Trader Joe's Healthy Shopping Guide

Trader Joe's Healthy Shopping Guide


Downloadable PDF file:TraderJoesShoppingGuide


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