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The magic behind COSTCO!



Growing up, my family were Sam’s Club members and I remember it being AWESOME. The shelves as tall as I could see, the boxes of fruit roll-ups came with like 36 in the box instead of a lame 8, and there were samples on samples on samples. It was a dream come true! The only thing was, I couldn’t figure out why you had to have a “password” to get through the door though… lol. Ohhh to be a child!

Sam’s Club was great, but if you live in Lafayette on the Target side of town, it’s a bit of a hassle to get all the way down Ambassador Caffery to go to Sam’s, which is why we only went once in a blue moon. BUT, the heavens rained down upon us and gave us a COSTCO on our side of town, so my dad jumped alllll up on that. My family teases my dad about his trips to Costco because of his obsession with anything in bulk… we call him the “snack hoarder”. But I’ll give him some credit, he would bring home the greatest things from the store, even if it was a box of 200.

I decided it was time I checked out this whole Costco thing. So, when I moved into my new house about year and a half ago, a membership was my “Congrats to myself” gift. Needless to say, it was the the best purchase ever – besides my squirrel tattoo, that will always be #1. So… SECOND best purchase!

In the past few years, I’ve really tried to clean up my diet. My senior year of high school AND my freshman year of college, I won the award “Junk Food Junkie” because I would eat just about everything in sight. I’ve always exercised, but boy, did I eat some j-u-n-k, JUNK. About 3 years ago, I really cleaned up my act and started eating foods that made me FEEL good because of the amount of activity I was participating in per day. I exercise 1-2 times per day, 6-7 days per week, so I’d say I have the appetite of a large dude; nothing wrong with that. So since cleaning up my diet, I’ve then seen a significant change in my complexion, energy, performance in the gym, and physical appearance. It’s been a game changer for me. With that being said, I’ve found a ton of great brands of foods that I love and have clean ingredients to fuel my body for success. And to my delight/surprise, quite a few of these brands are sold at Costco, and in bulk at a lower cost! I’m also a bargain shopper, and after comparing prices at Costco to other grocery stores, you’re definitely getting the deal on most of these items.

I made a trip to Costco once a month to stock up on the goods (meats/produce) to last for 4 weeks (shelf items lasting much longer). Below, I’ll be listing just about every item I’ve purchased (and enjoyed), why I buy them, and their prices.




These are a few that I always purchase from Costco. Usually at a traditional grocery store, one small jar (~2 oz.) costs the same! Crazy discount here.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt (5 lb. tub) – $13.99
  • Fine Ground Black Pepper (13 oz.) – $5.29
  • Ground Garlic Powder (18 oz.) – $6.89
  • Ground Cumin (14 oz.) – $6.49
  • Organic No-Salt Seasoning (14.5 oz.) – $9.49



When I buy condiments, they usually last me a while, which is why I buy mine from Costco (unless I need something small that I don’t use a ton). But if I know I use a specific condiment often, buying in bulk is the way to go!

  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo (24 oz.) – $13.99
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 L) – $16.99
  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil (1 L) – $9.99
  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray (2 pack – 4.7 oz. each) – $5.99
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (85 fl.) – $19.99
  • Kirkland Signature Raw, Organic Honey (3 pack – 24 oz. each) – $15.49
  • Kirkland signature Creamy Almond Butter (27 oz.) – $8.59
  • Kirkland Signature Italian Basil Pesto (22 oz.) – $7.99



I usually only drink water and coffee, BUT on occasion I sneak in a carbonated beverage when I’m craving it. I get mine in bulk to always have on hand in the fridge if I’m thirstay.

  • Spindrift – Lemon, Grapefruit, & Raspberry Lime (30 pack Variety Cans) – $13.99
    • Sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit. It contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and nothing artificial. I find these taste better than La Croix and are better for you too!
  • GT’S Gingerade OR Trilogy Kombucha (6 pack) – $11.49
    • Kombucha is a fermented tea that is rich in living probiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, and active enzymes. I’ve had many brands, but GT’S is my absolute favorite. I was super excited when they were sold in bulk at Costco.


Pantry Items:

Costco is famous for their snack finds. So many times, I’ve gone in for one thing and end up buying half the store because I find so many fun things to try. They also have a wide Organic section not only of fruits, and veggies, but dry foods as well around the store. They’re marked by a green label, instead of a white one. Be on the lookout for that next time you stop in a Costco!

  • Hippeas 18oz. White Cheddar Flavor
    • Hippeas are Chickpea Puff chips that are organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. They’re a “chip” alternative for me. When I’m craving something crunchy and salty, I go straight for the big yellow bag of Hippeas. Costco sells the White Cheddar flavor (which is bomb), but if you order online, my other favorites are the BBQ and Sriracha flavors.
  • Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers (2-8.5oz. bags) – $10.99
    • These gluten free crackers are made with zero artificial ingredients, have 3g of protein per serving, are paleo friendly, non-GMO, and taste fabulous. I haven’t tried any of their other cracker flavors because the sea salt are that good. Try not to eat the whole bag of these clean and healthy crackers.
  • Perky Jerky (14 oz.) Peppered Turkey Jerkey – $10.99
    • Gluten free, no nitrites, 10g of protein and only 70 calories per serving, all natural, no artificial ingredients, and the best damn jerky I’ve had in my entire life. Do yourself a favor, and buy it.
  • Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds (18 oz.) – $12.19
    • Organic superseeds that are tasty and contain zero artificial ingredients. Great to snack on or toss on your salads/PB toast.
  • Wonderful Salt & Pepper Pistachios (3 lb bag) – $21.99
    • Usually I go for the plain pistachios (if I ever buy them because they’re so expensive), but I really enjoy the salt&pepper flavor found at Costco. This big bag will last a while and is affordable.
  • Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix (4.5 lb) – $14.69
    • 100% whole grain pancake mix, 14g of protein per serving, made with non-GMO ingredients, and a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. They also taste phenomenal – just like a traditional buttermilk pancake, but healthy.
  • Dave’s Killer Bread – Organic 21 Whole Grains Bread (2 loaves) – $8.59
    • Organic, non-GMO, whole grain, 5g of protein and 5g of fiber per slice.
  • Organic Milled Flax Seed (4 lb) – $9.79
    • This ground flaxseed is non-GMO, 100% natural with no additives or preservatives, vegan, gluten-free, and organic. It is flavorless so I put it in smoothies, on PB toast, in my eggs, over salads, in my pancakes, etc. It’s endless! Flax is a great source of fiber.
  • Native Black Chia Seeds (3 lb) – $9.29
    • Gluten-free seeds that are a great source of Omega-3’s, protein, antioxidants, and fiber. These are super tiny and flavorless as well. I use them usually when I use the Flax seed – same as above.
  • Wild Planet Albacore Pole & Troll Caught Tuna (6 x 5oz. cans) – $18.29
    • Wild caught, fresh from the sea, source of Omega-3 fish oils to help rebuild muscle and recover post-workout, protein-rich source of nutrients, 1 two-ounce serving of albacore tuna averages about 800mg of Omega-3. And it tastes great. I like to mix a tbsp of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo with 1 can of Wild Planet tuna and dip Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers up in there!
  • Solare Organic Brown Rice and Cauliflower Fusilli Pasta (2.2 lb) – $9.79
    • Great source of potassium, calcium, protein, and fiber. This pasta alternative is gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, and the only ingredients are organic brown rice flour and organic cauliflower powder. I love this pasta! Can’t say it enough.



  • Aidell’s Chicken & Apple Sausage (3 lbs) – $17.09
    • Gluten free, no nitrites, no added hormones, 13g of protein per link, and made with all natural ingredients.
  • Teton Waters Ranch Polish Sausage (2.25 lb) – $16.99
    • Made with 100% Grass-fed beef, all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrites/nitrates added, never preserved, gluten free, clean ingredients, and delicious af. My all time favorite. They also sell the minis at Costco as well.
  • Great Range Buffalo 90% Lean Ground Bison (2.5 lbs) – $24.39
    • You’re probably thinking that’s ridiculous to spend on ground meat – BUT I love it and it tastes better, is better for you, and if you love it too, it is more affordable when bought in bulk at Costco.
    • Albertsons Grocery Store (Lafayette, LA) = $11.99 / lb
    • Costco = $9.75 / lb
  • Burgers by AmyLu Organic Chicken Kale Mozarella Burgers (2 lb) – $17.09
    • Fresh, never frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts and thigh meat combined natural ingredients. Gluten free, pork free, no nitrates/nitrites, no added MSG, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. They’re fully cooked – just heat and serve!


Fruits & Veggies:

  • Veggies –
    • Brussels sprouts (2 lb) – $6.69
    • Sugar Snap Peas (1.5 lb) – $5.89
    • Green beans (2 lb) – $7.99
    • Mini mixed peppers (1.5 lb) – $7.39
    • Bagged organic salad mixes (I’ve tried them all and I love each one of them)
    • Asparagus (2.25 lb) – $8.59
    • Broccoli (3 lb)- $7.99
  • Fruits –
    • Grapes (4 lb) – $10.19
    • Avocados (6 ct) – $7.39
    • Organic Strawberries (2 lb) – $4.98
    • Raspberries (12 oz) – $5.49


Random Refrigerated Items:

  • Organic Pasture Raised, USDA Grade A Eggs (24 ct) – $9.19
  • Siggi’s 0% Non-Fat Yogurt Variety: Vanilla & Strawberry (6 of each) – $23.92
    • Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt that is rich, creamy, rich in protein, and only 8-11g of sugar per serving (other brands have up to 25g of artificial sweeteners per serving). I like to add fresh fruit and some nuts/seeds to mine for a yummy snack when I’m craving something sweet.
  • Kirkland Signature Organic Frozen Strawberries (4 lb) – $12.19
  • Nature’s Touch Organic Wild Blueberries (4 lb) – $14.59



If you eat a lot of food (like me) or cook for your family often, then Costco is the biggest bang for your buck. It has a wide variety of fresh, organic produce, as well as shelf foods with clean ingredients. I’ve found some of my favorite products at Costco! The lists above are pretty much everything I have bought or currently buy that I truly believe in, love, and want to recommend to you all. I hope it helps! If you have questions about anything I listed, don’t hesitate to reach out; I love questions.





Yours In Health,





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