7 Tips to Get Bikini Body Ready!

Okay people, it’s (pretty much) SUMMERTIME! This year is flying by so quickly it’s kind of freaking me out. I cannot believe it’s already mid-May… With that being said, BIKINI SEASON is approaching! Let this be an exciting time my friends, not a freak-out/heart attack session.

Before I go on, hear this and let it sink in through those gorgeous locks of hair of yours (you too dudes)….

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Read it again, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Even for the guys out there reading, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. One more timeeeee, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Absorb it, love it, accept it, own it. The amazing thing about the world we live in is that we are all different! I know it’s so cliche and we read it on meme’s all the time, right? But it’s true. And when you really think about it, it’s pretty cool. YOU are the only YOU out there. It’s human to feel self conscious sometimes, I get it and we all have felt it before. Today, let’s focus on loving ourselves.

Here’s a quick exercise. Do it or don’t, up to you, squirrel: I want you to think of 5 things you love about yourself. HECK NO, 6 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF. You can do it. Write them down, tape them to your bathroom mirror, and look at them every single day. Focus on the things you LOVE about yourself and flush the negativity down the toilet along with your morning poop. And just like that, gone forever. Magic.

Here’s a simple 7-tip guide written by myself to help you get Bikini Body Ready all while loving yourself in the process!

DROP the expectations, comparisons, negativity, and most importantly, the self-judgements. Here we go!

1. Set Goals

Setting goals is always the best way to set yourself up for success! Meal prep, plan your workouts for the entire week, outline your schedule, get a calendar, leave positive quotes around the house for you to read daily, talk yourself up (literally talk to yourself in the mirror), and set achievable goals that will make YOU feel like a ROCKSTAR! Hold yourself accountable by keeping track of your progress. Take before and after pictures, write a food journal, keep track of your fitness progress, anything counts!

Remember, your goals are going to be different than others. Your food, workouts, and schedule should be specific to YOU!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is THE best medicine. It increases energy, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, boosts immune system, and puts you in a great mood! Doesn’t all of that sound just wonderful?? Drink a glass or two before/during every meal to help digestion and will result in consuming less calories at meal time. Click here to read my blog post all about H [to the] O!

20150429-Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.30.58 PM.png

3. Add COLOR to Your Plate

When planning out your meals, make your plate as COLORFUL as possible! More color means more food diversity which equals higher nutrient content and a happier you. Adding fruits and vegetables to your plate will not only make it look beautiful, but will make YOU FEEL beautiful, too! In a typical fried egg breakfast, try adding some avocado and blueberries to your plate for extra nutrients and more flavor variety. With your grilled chicken salad, toss in some strawberries, cucumbers, slivered almonds, or even some orange slices to spice it up! On your burger, toss some purple onions, mushrooms, butter lettuce, and a juicy tomato to add yummy flavor and color to your plate.

Not only can you add color to your plate, but you can blend all the colors of the rainbow together in a smoothie! Here’s a simple and fabulous smoothie recipe that is perfect for a breakfast on-the-go:

1 Frozen Banana

4 Frozen Strawberries

Handful of Frozen Blueberries

Handful of Fresh Spinach

1/2 Avocado (Yes, avocado! It makes your smoothie sooooo creamy and just wonderful)

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

1 Tsp Honey

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Flax Seed

1/4 Cup Almond Milk (or any other nut milks)



4. Picking your Poison

Let’s talk cocktails. Of course we all love a frozen margarita, but unfortunately for us, these are SUPER high in added sugars, among other crapola. When choosing your poison, go with a flavored vodka and soda or water with a squeeze of your favorite citrus for under 100 calories. Or if you’re a beer drinker, try out some of the lower calorie options such as Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, etc. Health(ier), delicious, oh so refreshing, and will get you closer to reaching your weight loss goals all while enjoying the fruits of life at the same time. Here’s a recipe for a simple cocktail you can make at home:

Fill Cup with Ice.

Add 1 shot Lemon Flavored Vodka

Fill the rest with half club soda & half water.

Squeeze half 1 lemon and half 1 lime.

Garnish with fresh raspberries!


5. Find a Buddy, or 4!

Setting goals, exercising, meal prepping. All these things are wonderful and doable, but do you want to know a secret to making them even EASIER?! Having a buddy to help hold you accountable! I’ve heard countless times from clients, friends, and even from personal experience that having a friend, family member, or spouse setting goals with you makes the experience more enjoyable and doable. Having a buddy will make your journey fun, will keep you in check, will provide support and motivation, and they won’t let you bail!

Try meeting up with a friend this week to workout together, whether taking a class, meeting at the gym, or even going for a jog around the neighborhood. Have fun with it!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 11.38.57 AM.png

6. Make BOMB Playlists

Listen to music that makes you bob your head and WANT to get up and MOVE! Music is everything during a workout. Everything. If a song is slow, odds are your body and mind are going to slow down. But if a song is kickin’ and comes on at the right time, you’re going to speed up get L-I-T LIT during your workout, amirite? This is another level of setting yourself up for success. Make playlists that make you WANT to get off the couch and dance with your dog/workout/run around/anything!

I’m a big fan of EDM and remixes. These days on Spotify, you can find a remix of just about anything. I play a lot of them in my CycleBar classes and it definitely brings the energy level up up up. If you don’t have time to make playlists or need some new song ideas, I have about 100 playlists on my Spotify account. Click here to find me on Spotify!

You can also listen to these while you’re laying poolside, sipping your vodka lime, eating a colorful plate, with your buddy, also drinking water, proud of yourself for reaching your goals, and feeling fabulous and sexy, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. YAS!


7. What to Wear?

Wear clothes or bathing suits that make YOU feel confident and beautiful. Not the person next to you – they’ve got their own stuff to worry about. I’m certainly no expert in the style department, but as long as I walk out of my house standing tall and feeling confident in whatever I’m wearing, that’s a win in my book. Sure, we all have our ups and downs, I get that 100% and that’s o k a y! WHO CARES if it’s cheap/expensive, trendy or not, last season (or 3 seasons ago) or this season, bikini or one-piece, a size small or large… as long as it makes you feel as radiant as you truly are, rock that sh!t. Everyone’s styles are different and everyone’s bodies are different, which is super cool.

When you feel great in an outfit, you want to be seen, right? Whether on the beach, at the gym, or at a restaurant, a good wardrobe choice can make you feel empowered and just plain FABULOUS. You deserve it! So when you’re shopping for your summer suits this year, don’t worry about what the model on the website or mannequin looks like, think about if it will make YOU feel confident and beautiful. If so, “Hell yes, add to cart” and if not, “Bye Felicia”. Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Follow these 7 simple tips and you’ll be looking and feeling amazing in no time! Flaunt that sexy bod and own it. Strut your stuff and don’t ever look back. FLUSH THE HATERS and shine like the star you are!

Also, here’s an unedited, picture of me “feeling myself” and probably acting a total fool, per usual. BE YOURSELF AND OWN IT. BYE NOW.

Yours In Health,


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