Meal Prepping: What is it and why do I do it?

As a health and fitness coach, I am constantly asked the questions, “What do you eat?”, “How often do you eat?”, “When do you have time to cook?, “How do you know what to eat?”, and others about how they can adapt a healthier lifestyle. The truth is, I can’t answer any of these questions but I CAN tell you what works for me.

Mind you, everything you see on my blog and social media accounts are a reflection of me personally. My meals, recipes, and workouts are all directly associated with what works for me. The way I currently live my life took several years of exploration, listening to my body, and most importantly, patience. Every one of us is so very different, which is why we have to find what works best for us!

Okay, let’s talk schedules… Mine is insane. Anyone else? Two thumbs up if you’re with me!! If you know me personally or take my fitness classes in the Lafayette, LA area, you know that I am everywhere. You basically can’t get rid of me lol. I am an instructor at Orangetheory Fitness teaching 15-23 classes per week, an instructor at CycleBar Lafayette teaching 4-7 indoor cycling classes per week, I personal train clients, I run my side Pump&Crunch Protein Bar and Meal Prep business, I write as much as I can of a blog (slowly getting better at this whole writing thing), AND I run my Pump&Crunch social media accounts. All while trying to get 7 hours of sleep per night (if I’m lucky), maintain a long distance relationship (Love you Jeff), have a social life, and walk my pooch, Bear. WOAH! Just to be clear, I absolutely love every single second of it all and wouldn’t change a single thing! Moral of that long drawn out story is… my down time is minimal and when I do have it, let’s be honest, I’m going to be watching The Office. So for meals, I’m allllll about quick, simple, satisfying, nutritious food and I’ve found that preparing even the simplest things in advance, such as sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables, or boiled eggs, saves me time and plays a major role in my ability to eat well during the week. And personally, when my diet is clean and nutrient dense, I feel great!

When to comes to eating healthy, my belief is to set yourself up for success by planning ahead. I’ve found that meal preparation works best with my schedule. I do what I can to make my meals during the week as simple as possible. I meal prep every Monday for myself and for anyone in the Lafayette, LA area interested! This is a side deal I’ve been doing for about 6 months now. It all started from my social media feed meal prepping for myself, and people reached out asking if I could prepare food for them as well, and I kind of just went with it! It’s been amazing. I absolutely love cooking delicious, healthy food for my people, which in turns inspires them to transform their lives into a healthier one. The photo below is my most recent batch of meals prepared for my group of peeps.



(From left to right & top to bottom)

  1. Oh So Delicious Vegetable Soup – (Is anyone else’s veggie soup different every single time like mine?)
  2. Asian Grass Fed Beef & Broccoli
  3. Mexican Chicken and Vegetable Hash
  4. Ground Lamb, Sautéed Spinach, & Brown Rice
  5. Baked Sweet Potato topped with Grass Fed Ground Beef & Corn Hash
  6. Shrimp Fajita Salad
  7. Whole Wheat Asian Vegetable Lo Mein
  8. Honey Ginger Chicken and Greek Beans over Brown Rice


All of this took about 3 hours to prepare and I made about 8 portions of each dish. I also made up the recipes as I went! It’s fun to get creative! You can do this too, my friends. Set aside the time to plan ahead and you’ll absolutely love yourself later in the week when lunch or dinner is already cooked 🙂

If you ever need inspiration or have questions, REACH OUT, MESSAGE ME, EMAIL ME!  I’d love to chat with you!


If you’re getting busy in the kitchen, I’d love to see what you’re making! Post a picture on social media and tag @PumpAndCrunch   🙂


Yours In Health,


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